Mystery Shopping

mspa-logoMystery Shopping is an effective and proven service, which can be used in any industry, to discreetly collect sensitive information pertaining to Quality Assurance issues and Customer Service performance.

Customers need to feel welcomed, wanted and appreciated for their patronage at your business. Understanding and meeting customer expectations is critical for success. Mystery Shopping helps companies to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace by monitoring customers’ perceptions of service quality and identifying the causes of service failures. Companies then use this information to implement the appropriate actions to correct the failures before customers become dissatisfied and take their business elsewhere. Ultimately, high-level Customer Service goals are achieved and a company builds customer loyalty, ensuring repeat business.

While helping your company to maintain high quality standards, the performance assessment revealed through Mystery Shopping audits also provides a tool to reward excellent performance, which boosts employee morale. Companies find this service invaluable for employee training, employee evaluations, employee reward programs and promotional campaigns.

Consider Data Quest’s advantages:

• Nationwide Coverage
• Online Reporting
• Dedicated Account Executives
• Competitive Rates
• No Long Term Contractual Obligations
• Mystery Shopping Providers Association Member

A Mystery Shopping program can be tailored for one or two locations, or for large national chains, always with personalized service and an understanding of a client’s needs.

For more information, contact (617) 437-0030 x 115, or download Data Quest’s Mystery Shopping Sell Sheet.

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